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Prestigious cheap motorbike rental in Ha Noi LH A. Huu 0912265529 -

Address - procedure - price - reputable cheap motorbike rental in Hanoi: 0912265529
- It is possible to deliver the car to the place, car rental service -xe long-term, short-term, nice car, diversified models cheap 70k / 1 day, quick procedure, can deliver the car to the customers line
- Motorbike rental procedure 2019: customers need to deposit 1 million and check the ID card or passport (can keep 1 document with the name of the car tenant), a clear trust contract for both parties ( about 2 minutes).
- Car rental price by day - 2019: 70,000 VND / 1 day, 1 million car rental deposit (genuine car of many types)
- Rental price of scooters by day: 80,000vnd / 1 day, 1.2 million car deposit. (Yamaha nouvo 2,3, mio ​​scooter).
- Example of a motorbike deposit: you deposit 1.2T at the time of receiving the car and go for 4 days (4 × 80 = 320), then when we return the car, we will return you 1,200,000 - 320,000 = 880,000 VND.
- Price Rent long-term car rental: car number 1.3 million / 1 month, train car 1.3 million / 1 month
- Additional for students: students, students, prepaid cards based on the number of days of rent and rental as above
- Additional is that the car hire must be 18 years or older and have gplx
- contact 0912265529 hotline
- Main Office: No. 04 Alley 406/68 Au Co Street, West Lake, Hanoi (near West Lake Water Park)
Quick directions: (next to the Japanese market)
Arriving at Nhật Tân Market 464 EUROPE to the gate after the market 50m to 406/66 euros.
(bus 55,31,58,86 parked next to Nhat Tan market)
- Address 2: Near the gate of the University of Transport and Transportation, Hanoi paper bridge (renting many cars comes to muscle)
- Car delivery fee at door 10-25k / 1 turn / 1 way.
- Want to rent a car from the internal airport?
From the airport, take the bus number 86 to Nhat Tan Bridge to reach Au Co Street, about 20 minutes (bus stop 523, opposite to Nhat Tan Market) or bus 90 parked nearby.
Receive assistance Pay for car at the local card for 60k

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